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That infamous nitro haze!

That infamous nitro (nitrocellulose) haze on Strat and Les Paul guitars Haze, residue, and fog so common with nitrocellulose instruments like many Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul guitars is normally very resistant to cleaning due to years of playing. It builds up over time, and before you know it these instruments often show a dirty fog or haze that just wont all seem to wipe off with typical cleaning methods, especially in areas where your arm touches the finish. Fortunately our Guitar Scratch Remover Player's Kits will wipe away nitro haze buildup from playing in an instant (see end...

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Four Reasons Your Guitar Plays Out of Tune

Let’s face it, guitar tuning problems are a hassle. Tuning in general is an inconvenience, and can be downright overwhelming if you’re a beginner and aren’t wise to tuning’s finer points. Most instruments must be tuned before playing, with exceptions like pianos and keyboards. Even brass instruments and drums should be tuned. So now that we know tuning is a reality for playing music, let’s narrow it down to the biggest factors and catch that vibe. I believe the biggest factors in guitars staying in tune are: 1) poor quality machine heads (tuning pegs), 2) intonation and action setup, 3)...

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Are “special” guitar strings any better than normal strings?

Over the last couple decades a variety of new strings have arrived on the scene. This includes strings that allegedly “stay in tune” better; and “coated” strings, which supposedly last longer and sound better than un-coated strings. This coating is basically a fine, flexible shell that covers each string. So is there any truth to this or are we all strung out over nothing? In my many years of playing and working on all sorts of guitars, I have never seen any difference in guitar strings that stay in better tune than others, including those marketed to stay in tune...

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Free Shipping USA

  The beginning of the year we introduced free shipping in the USA on all products, and a reduced international shipping cost.  So shop with confidence knowing we'll take care of all the shipping details. Our parcels ship insured and professionally packed. See our shipping page for more details or contact us!

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