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Should you PLEK your guitar ?

Running your guitar through a PLEK machine just may be the icing on the cake to make a good guitar play great. So yes! You should plek it. Truth is, even a cheap Fender Squire is going to come out amazing after running through the PLEK process. Depending on the shop, your guitar will be properly setup with neck adjustments done beforehand. The PLEK station makes unbelievably fine tuned adjustments to your frets that only a precision machine can do. The result is incredible action and a guitar that could only play this good after running through this machine. About...

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The Best Guitar Multi-tool? Let's Review

  Length: 6 minute read As a long-time guitar tech and someone paid to fix people’s guitars for national recording artists, I’m going to give you my perhaps shocking take on guitar tools and multi-tools so prevalent in the accessory industry today. This is a fairly brief article so it won’t take long. If you’ve ever broken a string or needed to tighten the screws on your Floyd Rose whammy bar or bridge, then you’ll appreciate the concept of a guitar multi-tool with the right tools all-in-one unit. ONE OF THE BETTER MULTI-TOOLS, by IBANEZ   Just like the well-known Leatherman, a...

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Removing scratches and haze from Les Paul Guitars

5 minutes to read If you've ever owned a Les Paul, SG, or other Gibson electric guitar you probably know how easy it scratches. Like many guitars, these also pick up haze and seem to scratch pretty easy. One reason is the classic "nitro" finish, also called nitrocellulose lacquer. These finishes capture all that vintage glory but are a bit softer and less durable than more modern poly-type finishes. For that reason they can scratch easier, get hazy or a hazed look, and in still other cases "collect" perspiration marks from where you skin makes contact with the surface. In this case...

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Should I Put Better Pickups in a Cheap Guitar? YES! (depending...)

One question that always comes up with students and advanced players I know is, “is a good idea to install better quality (or more expensive) pickups in my cheap guitar?” My answer is a resounding YES! ...with just a few exceptions.   Cheaper entry-level guitars are a full working package for less money. Nearly everything is reduced in quality. You might not see it in the finish or even feel it right away in how it plays, but an experienced ear always hears the difference between poor and better pickups. Cheaper electric guitars always have cheap pickups. They work - clean tone or...

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What is a SuperStrat and is it Better?

Anyone interested in guitar has heard the term Strat, but you may not have heard of Superstrat/Super Strat, short for Super Stratocaster. While Strat and Stratocaster is straight from Fender, the term 'Strat' has been coined for any electric guitar resembling the exact body shape of the original iconic masterpiece. In fact many lawsuits have been levied by Fender and Gibson against other guitar makers for copying their longstanding guitar designs to the point where now it's basically ok to have a body shaped like their guitars, but other things have to be different like the headstock shape, logo, artwork, and name. (It's...

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