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Removing scratches and haze from Les Paul Guitars

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If you've ever owned a Les Paul, SG, or other Gibson electric guitar you probably know how easy it scratches. Like many guitars, these also pick up haze and seem to scratch pretty easy. One reason is the classic "nitro" finish, also called nitrocellulose lacquer. These finishes capture all that vintage glory but are a bit softer and less durable than more modern poly-type finishes. For that reason they can scratch easier, get hazy or a hazed look, and in still other cases "collect" perspiration marks from where you skin makes contact with the surface. In this case the sweat or perspiration marks build up in a thick film that is nearly impossible to clear off. 

So that's where Eternashine's Guitar Scratch Remover Kits comes in! It quickly goes to work and attacks the problem area. The video below shows how fine scratches and swirls disappear in just moments of polishing with the Player Kit.  


There's more photos below showing before and after shots of a Black Les Paul with  perspiration haze and cloudiness which totally blocked out the high gloss finish. This cleared right up with just a few applications and the finished product looks like new as shown.

(Note: if your guitar has deep scratches, a milky cloudy appearance in the clearcoat or a finish that looks to retain moisture, chips, or cracks, we would advise not polishing as doing so may not give good results).

Black Les Paul BEFORE




Black Les Paul After



The above before & after photos show this Les Paul show common perspiration stains that are difficult to remove by normal methods, before and after. Our Player's Kit makes quick work of these stains revealing the beautiful glossy  beneath - look at the crisp, sharp reflections!

Please reach out to us with any questions and be sure to get your Guitar Scratch Remover kit today. 


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  • Kevin on

    this is a question about your product. I was trying to remove a smudge on my guitar using gibson polish and a terry cloth towel and pressed down a little firmly and left some minor rub marks in the finish that can only be seen if you hold the guitar at a certain angle but it still drives me crazy! My eyes always search it out, so do you think your product can help with my situation?

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