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Fine Tuning Your Guitar and Pickups

This is a continuation of our article (Part 1) on setting pickup volume which is easy to do and important for optimal electric guitar sound. Go to that article here, and below are a few final tips on further sound optimization and available upgrades. FINE TUNING YOUR GUITAR AND PICKUPS  (PICKUP ADJUSTMENT PART 2)Now that we’re on the level with pickup volume, you may consider some further adjustments and customization. Some players like having a louder lead pickup and a quieter rhythm pickup. This helps alot for solos when you need to switch to the lead position and stand out front from the rest...

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Best Tips - Adjust my pickups or trust the factory setup?

Why do some new guitars have pickups at all different heights?  Have you ever wondered why one side of a pickup is really low and the other is slanted really high? We’ll get the low-down on pickup height and learn how to adjust your pickups to the best height. Many guitarists never consider adjusting pickup height but it is critically important for sound, and easy to do! Electric guitar pickups work through magnetism, converting string vibration into an electric signal, which is sent to your amp. The magnetic field collects string vibration, so the further away from the strings, the...

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Matte, Satin, Semi-gloss guitars - What happens when they're polished?

So you've got a matte finish, non-gloss guitar and are tempted to polish it. You've even heard some of these can be polished to a full high gloss! Should you do it? Check out this video (and the precautions) below to see what happens to one type of satin finish guitar that can be safely polished to full gloss:   There's a few considerations before attempting to polish or clean a non-glossy guitar. The terms matte, satin, and semi-gloss finishes are often used interchangeably to describe a non-shiny surface, but you should check with the guitar manufacturer to determine what kind of finish...

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Premium Guitar Cable Truth - are you still using the cheap ones?

Today we'll look into whether premium guitar cables are worth the hype, and offer four easy tips for your next guitar cable purchase. Unless you're new to playing guitar, you know there are many choices for guitar cords, also called 1/4 inch instrument cables. There’s everything from free cables packed with cheaper guitars or guitar/amp starter kits to entry level music store cables. There's lifetime built cables, and there's premium pricey cables like Monster and Mogami. So is there a difference? In a word, yes! How much so really depends on your playing level, gear, and the ever-subjective "tone" debate. For these reasons it...

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That infamous nitro haze!

That infamous nitro (nitrocellulose) haze on Strat and Les Paul guitars Haze, residue, and fog so common with nitrocellulose instruments like many Fender Strat and Gibson Les Paul guitars is normally very resistant to cleaning due to years of playing. It builds up over time, and before you know it these instruments often show a dirty fog or haze that just wont all seem to wipe off with typical cleaning methods, especially in areas where your arm touches the finish. Fortunately our Guitar Scratch Remover Player's Kits will wipe away nitro haze buildup from playing in an instant (see end...

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