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Polishing Pickguards for Shine or Scratches

Is it possible to polish out scratches on a my guitar's pickguard? While the product is mainly designed for the guitar finish, it will work on most acoustic and electric pickguards  (or "pick guard") depending on the hardness of the material. You can use it on pickguards if they are shiny (high gloss). We haven't tested every type and material out there but like on a standard glossy black pickguard you should see some improvement in the appearance and shine with light scratches cleaning up. Because our polishes are really designed for the clearcoat glossy areas of your guitar body, pickguard results may not...

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The All In One Guitar Polish Blog

Who doesn’t like clean, shiny guitars? Just like the day you bought it. That’s the main reason we polish guitars - to keep them clean and looking their best! For awhile now we've been wanting to do an All-In-One Guitar Polish Blog, covering just about everything you need on the topic of polishing guitars. So let's do it! When you bought your last guitar you probably wanted the nicest one they had, even taking the time to play and look over several guitars to ensure yours was the best of the bunch. And not just for tone, you hopefully wanted one without the complementary scratches...

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New Strings Killed My Guitar's Setup! + Checklist

Even if you’ve only been playing guitar for a short while, you know that good action and a proper setup is everything. In fact a good setup is nearly as important as the guitar brand when it comes to playability. So imagine the horror of changing strings one day and finding out your setup, action, & playability is now totally different! This has happened to many a guitarist, especially with the variety of strings now available. Did you know certain new guitar strings, even strings of the same size and gauge, can totally alter and wreck a good expensive setup?...

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Lower Acoustic Guitar Action - the Right Way

Acoustic Guitar Action, Lower It the Right WayLowering your action the right way on your acoustic guitar is a combination of planning and doing. Today we will cover all the right steps before and after the actual action adjustment, with no surprises. There are many online articles and how-to videos on adjusting guitar action, but here we will go into proven detail and emphasize proper order of steps. This isn’t rocket science, but surprisingly many online sources are either leaving out steps or doing them out of order, which can have consequences later.     What is my experience? I...

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Guitar Humidity-Manage Moisture With a Few Tips

Guitar Humidification and Humidifiers – Managing Moisture Guitars need the right humidity but maybe you aren’t sure on the details. In this article we’ll clear away the fog with everything you need to know about proper humidity your guitar. Watch our video or read on for more info!   Humidity is nothing more than the amount of water contained in air. Humidity varies wildly throughout the day, with higher humidity at night because air heats up and dries out some during warmer times of day, and as it cools the amount of water in the air increases. This variance is called relative humidity. But...

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