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Guitar Humidity-Manage Moisture With a Few Tips

Guitar Humidification and Humidifiers – Managing Moisture Guitars need the right humidity but maybe you aren’t sure on the details. In this article we’ll clear away the fog with everything you need to know about proper humidity your guitar. Watch our video or read on for more info!   Humidity is nothing more than the amount of water contained in air. Humidity varies wildly throughout the day, with higher humidity at night because air heats up and dries out some during warmer times of day, and as it cools the amount of water in the air increases. This variance is called relative humidity. But...

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3 Best Travel and Backpacking Guitars [Review]

Your next trip is right around the corner and this time you’d really like to take your guitar. But you can’t see taking that full size dreadnought acoustic, and luggage space is a concern. A smaller travel guitar would sure fit the bill right now! What traveling guitarist hasn’t been lured into thinking about a portable guitar? Avoiding size hassles at the airport and crammed overhead bins, or keeping your vehicle trunk clear of a huge acoustic guitar case with room for your family’s baggage sounds pretty good. Enter the travel size guitar! In this article we’ll review top criteria for choosing a...

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Guitar Chain Store Repairs - A Disaster in the Making

So you took your guitar in for a restring and action setup, and got it back with problems, and damage! Thought you’d be in good hands with the big boys, did you? The chain store is bigger, better, and more likely to handle a customer service issue than the pricey local boutique guitar shop, right? Maybe not. Sadly, any place you go for guitar repair can make a mistake, create damage, or just not know what they’re doing. The point here is don't assume all shops are experienced and careful based on their trade name. That’s why this article will focus on what to do...

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3 Acoustic Guitars That Were Sold at Astronomical Prices

Guest Blog Some guitars gain notoriety because of the price at which they were sold. Even the best top-tier acoustic guitars would seem like a bargain compared to some very special acoustic models sold at auction. Yep, today we’re taking a look at three acoustic guitars that are distinguished for their provenance, history, famous owners, their estimated value and the price the new owners paid for just to have them in their collection. 1930 Martin OM-45 Deluxe, sold for $554,500 C.F. Martin & Co. is one of the oldest guitar manufacturers in the United States. Martin has been building quality...

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Guitar Tonewoods - A Sound Choice

"How important is the wood in my guitar, and the tone it creates?" Read on to determine why ‘tonewood’ matters in your next guitar purchase, and how to make sense of the many wood choices out there in your next acoustic. Tonewood, or tone wood, is simply the description of the wood species components of your guitar and the sound created while vibrating. Beating on a paint bucket versus a drum, or a countertop versus a crafted guitar surface, all have characteristic sounds. Playing guitar strings creates vibrations, which in turn vibrate the wooden body of your acoustic guitar, creating...

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