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We love clean, scratch-free guitars! So much that we launched an innovative company located in Orange County, California over ten years ago, dedicated to the world's best polishes. With a compact but knowledgeable, friendly team, we've been creating Eternashine "Guitar Scratch Remover" polish like no other. Quite simply, this company began because we didn't feel the usual polish and scratch removers did enough. All of our polishes are made in the USA and ship with a 30-day return policy. Try our product and see for yourself - there is nothing quite like it! A decade later, we've reached nearly every continent with thousands of happy customers worldwide. Why not join them - and be part of taking guitar polishing and guitar restoration to a whole new level.   



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 Pictured: Tim, Keith, and Katt at NAMM in Anaheim, CA 


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Eternashine's Guitar Scratch Remover has raised the industry standard for guitar polish and finish restore products. See what it can do for you.

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