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Guitar Scratch Remover by EternaShine - Compare the Advantage

Guitar Polish the EternaShine Way - Our Story and Advantage

Not just a Guitar Scratch Remover (GSR), but a complete polishing system gentle enough for regular use on your guitars and basses. Think of it as guitar polish "re-booted" and upgraded. The Player's Kit is a cleaner, scratch remover, and restoring polish - all in one.

See the above chart to learn the advantage between our polish and other repair products: including car polishes, paint scratch removers, guitar polish, wax, lemon oil, and compounds.

About to polish your guitar but just want something better? You came to the right place...

"The guitar polish concept at EternaShine came after working with the usual guitar polishes that cleaned & removed a few tiny blemishes but did not do much else. We decided it was time for a superior product for all guitar owners, a real finish restorer that didn't require a new paint job. "
"Ten years ago we would not have the technology to make the guitar polish that is now available. Even our best polish back then ago was only slightly better than the swirl removers that some guitar manufacturers currently make. But now, thanks to advancements in micro-technology and the best ingredients & processes in the world, the guitar polish you will receive from us will work better than any other polish you have tried on your guitar, or your money back.  Guaranteed."

Easy to use

  • Simply apply the product to the instrument using a micro-fiber cloth, firmly hand-rubbing the surface. Complete, easy instructions are provided.
  • Clean, refine, polish & restore your finish safely with NO added fillers or cover-ups
  • Polishes contain no fade-away fillers, harmful silicone, nor cover-ups, so your results will last - many customers report a like-new finish
  • Eliminate dullness, hazy finishes, surface blemishes and light-to-medium scratches
  • All this without that oily, greasy feel many guitar polishes leave behind. Easy how-to instructions included.

Before you buy your next guitar polish...

    Many other polishes are mostly water & cleaners - GSR polishes are thick & rich with premium ingredients and formulation, providing a true finish restore.
      Some polishes are too weak, or contain harsh abrasives - the GSR Player's Kit is gentle but effective, designed to work on high gloss guitars whether it's a quick clean-up, or a more complete finish restore... safe even on delicate finishes. Players Kit Guitar Scratch Remover
        Our polishes do not contain wax or fillers & don't cover anything up (we do offer a spray wax as an optional finishing product. If you currently use lemon oil or wax for fretboards you can still polish out body scratches with our kit).

          Made for acoustic, electric, classical and bass guitars (high gloss).


            Our Money-Back Guarantee and Promise to You

            We don't advertise what we can't deliver.
            We won't promise removal of every scratch nor deep scratches, or that everyone's guitar comes out looking brand new; but we DO promise our product works exceptionally well. You will see improvement, usually major improvement. Surface blemishes and-light-to-medium scratches rub away like magic. Medium to deeper scratches often improve and become less noticeable. The results you get are safe and will last. Many customers remove every scratch getting a 100% finish restore. Check FAQs, and our review testimonials section for real customer comments submitted to us.
            Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Or your money back. (You have 30 days to try any of our products and may return to us for a full purchase price refund, less S&H. If you buy from another source please consult your dealer for their return policy)

            Gentle on your finish, tough on scratches... for regular polishing or taking out a scratch

            Years in the making, our polishes have been used on virtually every type of guitar you can imagine to fix scratches...

            • Refines your surface using of state-of-the-art microscopic particles that smooth away and diminish scratches and blemishes.
            • Safe yet effective, even with repeat applications for tougher scratches.
            • Different than the harsh, aggressive paint & car compounds you've tried (although our products do work for automotive use!).
            • GSR will even usually clean up the mess and damage from other inferior products, with permanent results.
            • Our products are a favorite of guitar shops and guitarists worldwide, and are also popular with luthiers and as luthier supplies.


            Guitar finishes vary, but Eternashine is the right choice - an all purpose guitar polish

            Not all guitar finishes are created equal. Some are thin, some are thick. Finish luster varies widely. Some are harder while others are more pliable. There are nitro finishes (nitrocellulose), UV, polyester, urethane, polyurethane-type and lacquers. Some are hand-painted, others by machine, brush, and paint spray gun. There are French polish finishes and more standard finishes. Some are buffed by robotic equipment, others in a less automated environment or entirely by hand. Guitar finishes come from the US, Japan, Asia, Europe, and Canada so of course they can't all be the same. For high gloss finishes. See FAQs for more info.

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