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This page is dedicated to customer posts and email reviews on Guitar Scratch Remover polish kits. The below responses are real customer emails & comments after using Player's Kit guitar polish set. This is just a sampling of actual customer feedback, we get many success emails and share as many here as we can (Last names/email are hidden unless customers publicly posted or advised us to post all info). THANK YOU to everyone who has blogged and emailed in reviews. Keep those scratches running scared!









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Grover Jackson's GJ2 Guitar Shop, Laguna Hills CA

Grover Jackson and Keith from Eternashine with his new custom shop guitar

Grover Jackson's shop has been using our GSR Player's Kits for some time now on their new guitars in their finishing room. To read more about it and the story behind the above guitar click here.

 Customer Testimonials - Amazon, Blogs, Forums, and more

Black Les Paul

"Your product got rid of all the scratches on my black Les Paul Custom! After trying all sorts of products that did nothing, your scratch remover did the job. I absolutely love the Micro-fiber Towels. Can I wash and reuse them?"   Emil H.  in Michigan     (yes you can, thank you!--our comment added)




 Guitar Scratch Remover Kits

5.0 out of 5 stars

Works like magic! My 2008 Sunburst American Standard Stratocaster looks like new again - Verified Purchase
Incredible product!!! Works like magic! My 2008 Sunburst American Standard Stratocaster looks like new again. Pick marks, button scratches and light belt scratches gone!!! Leaves the finish feeling and looking like new. Not oily or waxy like other cleaners and polishes

By MusicLover (Amazon review) December 2015


Fender Telecaster Seafoam Green Restored


Luthier and Guitar Repair Shop Reviews

Rick Fass    Guitar Luthier Repair and Builder
It's the best, period!
Like · · April 7 at 11:49am near Bradenton, FL
Guitar Scratch Remover .com Rick, thanks!...appreciate the post.
April 9 at 8:08pm · Like


MJF Luthiers  "This is a miracle product!! Plain and simple. It was easy to use with instant results. I have thrown (guitar) bodies away in the past that were too scratched but stumbled upon you guys and am blown away!!!!!! Thank you so much for your product."

Mike Fernald MJF Luthiers, Australia


Paul D. at OCGuitarWorks has been using the Player's Kit for years:

"It's a great product..."  Laguna Hills CA


 Ultimate Guitar Forum Blog - review by customer

Ibanez JEM Restored


Guitar polish done right ... use on high-end Ramirez, Fender Strat, Tele, Gibson Les Paul, Ernie Ball Music Man, PRS, Taylor, all the big brands!

"I have no idea what the secret ingredient is in this but am I ever amazed. I bought a jar of it and it took out some scratches on my guitars that I'd swear would never come out. Some of the deeper ones I had to go over a few times but PRESTO !! they are gone. I've tried just about everything on the market I could find but this has them all beat hands down. I don't usually plug a product but was so impressed I thought I'd mention it." 

 Martin Guitar Forum Blog            Barry B.   B.C., Canada  


More Featured Reviews and Customer Posts

"This worked far beyond my expectations. After the first application there was an 80% improvement in removing pretty bad buckle rash scratches. A few more applications and the result was astounding. I can not see any evidence of the scratches. At all. You do have to put some elbow grease into it. I used this on a high gloss finish Epiphone Ultra3. I would fully recommend this product. $20 well spent."

Pete E. USA March 2014

additional review from Pete at: TIMELORD.com review

"A couple weeks back my guitar received a healthy buckle rash during a jam session. It happens.
The back had about an 8″ diameter area that was scratched pretty badly. While none of the scratches were deep enough to go all the way through the finish they were cringingly bad.
The sad state of affairs was remedied completely by a miracle product to which I give a resoundingly awesome, five star review: Guitar Scratch Remover...


Our note: we don't officially promise buckle damage comes out every time because sometimes the wood is dented, but many customers experience good results.

Gretsch Ebony Burst Restored 

    Gretsch Ebony Burst G2202 bass guitar  Gretsch Ebony Burst G2202 bass guitar II

"Dear People at GuitarScratchRemover.com, A couple of months ago I bought a used ebony burst Gretsch....(more)   
above submitted by John Masters (thanks, John!)

(Click for full review)

Paul Reed Smith PRS V12 Finish restored!

"I just used this on a new PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Hollowbody ii with a tobacco sunburst V12 finish. The guitar picked up some decent pick scratches the first couple times I played it live. Nothing through the finish, but scratches that could be well seen in the right light. I was reluctant this polish would mess up my new guitars finish but i gave it a shot anyway.
I made sure to do it with lighting that made the scratches very visible. I only used bottle "number one" for about 20-30 secs of polishing with the microfiber cloth that came with it. Immediately the scratches DISAPPEARED. I don't know how it works but I do know IT WORKS! Cant find the scratches in ANY lighting."

Jonathan in Texas, USA March 2014



Gibson Hummingbird

"The cream has worked a treat for what I needed it for. I have, along with many other guitars a brand new Gibson Hummingbird. Before I went offshore a few months ago the guitar was put away in its case with out taking the strap off. Two weeks later when I went to take it out its case the nitro (Gibson nitrocellulose finish) had not cured properly and the strap had stuck to the top of the guitar. Pulling it away it had taken some of the nitro with it. I was gutted to say the least. Using your cream I have managed to make the marks almost disappear and with a little more work today they may be gone forever.
...thanks for making such a great product."

Dave R. United Kingdom January 2014

"I recently ordered the Standard Player's kit after I noticed a fair amount of pick swirling on my Ernie Ball Music Man JP-6 in Mystic Dream finish... After some anxiety, and reading the directions three times to be sure, I used your products on this guitar. After five applications of #1 then #2 then #1 then #2 then #1 the finish was scratch free. I couldn't believe my eyes. Thanks a lot for a great product!

Brandon Knowles Missouri, USA November 2013


Rare PRS Custom Korina McCarty Brazilian - Resurrected!

  Rare PRS Custom Korina McCarty Brazilian - Resurrected!


  "What you are seeing in this photo is a PRS. Not just any PRS however, this is...(Click for full review)

And the emails and posts keep coming ... will your success story be next?

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