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Should you PLEK your guitar ?

Running your guitar through a PLEK machine just may be the icing on the cake to make a good guitar play great. So yes! You should plek it.

Truth is, even a cheap Fender Squire is going to come out amazing after running through the PLEK process. Depending on the shop, your guitar will be properly setup with neck adjustments done beforehand.

The PLEK station makes unbelievably fine tuned adjustments to your frets that only a precision machine can do. The result is incredible action and a guitar that could only play this good after running through this machine.

About 5 years ago I had a custom guitar put through the PLEK in Orange County California. It was truly amazing, and played like the top 2 or 3 guitars I've even seen in my lifetime, and I've personally worked on and played over 1000 guitars.

How is PLEK different from a setup? A setup takes care of things like action, intonation, and truss rod adjustment. A PLEK addresses these things as well during the initial scan, but then takes things to the next level which is a software analysis of individual precise fret height and then can machine and shave down high frets more precisely than a human being can. The result is an incredibly playing instrument with best action and fret work possible.

While processing your guitar in the PLEK only costs around $200-300, the incredible cost of owning a PLEK machine can be upwards of a hundred thousand dollars, therefore they are sometimes hard to find. Some states do not have any shops with a PLEK. But there's at least one in most states or a nearby state, so wouldn't it be worth the trip for a guitar setup of a lifetime? For more information about finding a PLEK machine in your state, check out their website or Google "Plek Finder". 

While setups and the PLEK can make your guitar play it's best, our Player's Kit restores finishes and makes your guitar look its best. There's nothing quite like it on the market today. Check it out below!





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