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Polishing Pickguards for Shine or Scratches

Is it possible to polish out scratches on a my guitar's pickguard?

Acoustic Pick Guard

While the product is mainly designed for the guitar finish, it will work on most acoustic and electric pickguards  (or "pick guard") depending on the hardness of the material. You can use it on pickguards if they are shiny (high gloss). We haven't tested every type and material out there but like on a standard glossy black pickguard you should see some improvement in the appearance and shine with light scratches cleaning up.

Because our polishes are really designed for the clearcoat glossy areas of your guitar body, pickguard results may not be as dramatic as using it on the rest of the guitar body because often times pickguard damage is a buildup of pick residue impacted into the pickguard. Also sometimes actual pick indentations or grooves occur in the pickguard which the polish won't address. And some pickguards are made of a really hard material and may not respond as much as your guitar finish. So keep in mind any results here are positive as it's technically an off-label use for our product.Pick guard acoustic

Light stuff should improve or come off though. Would recommend you primarily use the red label blend and use caution with the blue blend, as it is possible the blue bottle may be too strong for some pickguards. However most pickguards are cheap and under $20 and replaceable, so if you don't get the results it might just be time to replace. We recommend always doing a small spot test area. If you have an expensive, custom, or hard to replace pickguard or one with graphics on an expensive guitar, we'd recommend leaving it as-is because it might be more trouble polishing it or trying to remove it.

But while we're on the topic of pickguards, how about the rest of your guitar? That's something you can't easily replace, so we offer products to restore the finish in a big way. Would you like to polish away scratches on the body, and wouldn’t it be great if a guitar polish did more than just clean and shine?

That’s what we do, the makers of the best guitar polish and scratch remover ever! The truth is most guitar polishes on the market today do nothing more than clean the surface, or add a few glossing agents, leaving the actual finish rather unchanged. As you'll see, our guitar polish and scratch remover Player's Kits from Eternashine not only clean and shine: they actually refine your finish making permanent improvements. It's amazing for your guitar's body.

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