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Are “special” guitar strings any better than normal strings?

*** Updated 10-7-17 *** Over the last couple decades a variety of new strings have arrived on the scene. This includes strings that allegedly stay in tune better, bend better, and “coated” strings, which supposedly last longer and sound better than un-coated strings. This coating is basically a fine, flexible shell that protects each string, popularized by companies like Elixir. So is there any truth to these claims or are we strung out over nothing? Stay-in tune strings and super bending  In my many years of playing and working on all sorts of guitars, I have never seen any difference in guitar strings that...

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Free Shipping USA

  The beginning of the year we introduced free shipping in the USA on all products, and a reduced international shipping cost.  So shop with confidence knowing we'll take care of all the shipping details. Our parcels ship insured and professionally packed. See our shipping page for more details or contact us!

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