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Grover Jackson's GJ2 Guitar Custom Shop in Laguna Hills, CA 

Pictured below is Keith from Eternashine holding his new GJ2 Custom Shop guitar alongside Grover Jackson.

GJ2 Custom Shop Laguna Hills

"This is an interesting story about how this guitar came to be. A genius guitar-tech friend of mine Paul that I've known for years had recently began working with Grover Jackson as his manager at their shop in Laguna Hills. His shop was nearby our office. I then learned that Grover's shop was already using our GSR Eternashine polish kits in their assembly room and finishing room for their custom guitars!  Their guitars were staggering, I was amazed at the kind of quality that was coming out of Grover's shop. Since I was already a huge lifelong fan of Jackson and Grover, I didn't need much arm-twisting to order my own custom shop GJ2 guitar pictured here, and I also immediately referred another friend who did the same! I got to work with Paul and Grover on designing this one-of-a-kind masterpiece shown above, every step along the way including choosing all the wood, and finally Grover was kind enough to hand-sign the guitar. Check out their email review below about our products! They also create their own custom pickups and are taking guitar building to entirely new innovative levels. So don't hesitate to get a GJ2 Custom Shop or one of their pre-built guitars; they are exceptional!" Keith @ Eternashine / Guitar Scratch Remover

 Review from Grover Jackson's GJ2 Guitars:

Grover Jackson GJ2 Email

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MJF Luthiers  "This is a miracle product!! Plain and simple. It was easy to use with instant results. I have thrown (guitar) bodies away in the past that were too scratched but stumbled upon you guys and am blown away!!!!!! Thank you so much for your product."
Mike Fernald MJF Luthiers, Australia

Rick Fass    Guitar Luthier Repair and Builder
It's the best, period!
Like · · April 7 at 11:49am near Bradenton, FL
Guitar Scratch Remover .com Rick, thanks!...appreciate the post.
April 9 at 8:08pm · Like

OCGuitarWorks & Paul D. has been using the Player's Kit for years:

"It's a great product..."  Laguna Hills CA


We also supply a couple large national brand guitar manufacturers, many more luthier and guitar shops, and one of the largest USA guitar chain stores that prefer to remain unlisted...

Many of these stores use our product but prefer that their customers see the quality of finishes & repairs as coming directly from them, which is totally okay with us! Other times guitar shops will conduct a professional repair or a refinish on a badly damaged instrument, and then use our product for the final scratch removal and amazing "eye-popping" finish that GSR provides. In any case, GSR Player's Kits deliver amazing results like no other polishing product. You owe it to yourself to check it out for your guitar.

Player's Kit

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