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Directions-Getting Started

Instructions:  Follow this sheet for great results! READ ENTIRELY BEFORE USE, store sheet with polish. Shake well, use at room temperature. Protective eyewear recommended. Point AWAY from face and open carefully. This product is effective at polishing, clarifying finishes & removing scratches. It contains microscopic space-age particles with a new approach in polishing. Effective on many ink, marker, & sticker stains. Safe on high gloss clear-coated factory finishes, including nitrocellulose and poly-type finishes in good condition. DO NOT USE on: matte, non-gloss, semi-gloss, flat, or satin finishes as damage is possible: these finishes have little or dull shine and do not show crisp, glossy reflections (includes non-gloss fretboards & necks). Note-some guitars have both high gloss & non-gloss surfaces on same guitar! See guitar manufacturer website or ask us if you aren't sure of finish type. Not compatible with some Rickenbacker models.  Avoid polishing metal/plastic guitar hardware, if contact simply wipe off. Keep polish off strings & non-gloss wooden bridges & fretboards, or mask these areas. Avoid decals & logos unless well under the clearcoat. Do not use on worn-out or damaged finishes. Use care on ultra-thin finishes and edges. Like any product test in a small inconspicuous area.
PLAYER'S KIT - This dual set for high gloss finishes covers a wide range of polishes in only 2 blends. BOTH BLENDS ARE OKAY to use on electrics and acoustics (kit is NOT one polish for electrics & one for acoustics! Both okay for each). Read entire form before use. Contact us if unsure of your polishing situation. 
Apply: Let's begin - You're minutes away from a better looking guitar! Start with #1 Red Label: Great for regular polishing and cleaning. If you need more results after #1 Red Label, use #2 Blue Label Blend. REPEAT BLUE AS NEEDED. SOME DULLNESS FROM BLUE MAY OCCUR AND IS NORMAL, WILL CLEAR UP IN NEXT STEP: LAST do a final polish with #1 Red, repeat red if needed. USE A FIRM RUBBING ACTION when polishing with each blend! In FINAL step of #1 red, use lighter pressure as you end. REPEAT ABOVE STEPS AS NEEDED. Some finishes (black) look best after a final rub of #1 red. Other finishes look great after either polish & will not need a 2nd treatment (apply each separately, rub firmly, wipe clean before surface dries out; do not mix together).
Apply to clean surface using only a clean microfiber cloth. Other applicators may scratch or diminish results. Put a thumbnail-size amount of polish (1-2 cm wide max) directly on cloth. Too much will diminish results. Rub surface for 10 seconds or more, circular motion, doing one small area. Rub harder for stubborn scratches. Rub against the scratch, criss-crossing or in circles. Do not only rub with direction of scratch. Wipe clean before polish dries. Repeat as needed. Dark residue on towel is totally normal after polishing, as polish breaks down, friction removes oxidation. Soft woods (cedar) on some acoustics can dent with too much pressure, or from fingernails; use care. Some scratches should be worked with repeat treatments as results can take multiple applications. Do not rub with towel tag/seam; always keep towel debris-free. 
Black finishes: Use a clean microfiber towel as black finishes scratch easily. Start by rubbing lightly, then harder as needed. Final rub: milder pressure.
Results: If process is done correctly, you WILL see improved final finish with zero hazing or dullness. If no improvement, be sure to: A) not use too much polish on towel; B) keep a thin layer of working polish between towel and surface; C) use thin towel layer between hand & surface, i.e. towel not in a "ball"; D) rub firmly enough with each blend. Product only works via a firm rubbing action. Multiple applications may be necessary. Email us for support below, we like to help! 
Microfiber: Machine wash w/liquid detergent, dry low heat, NO fabric softener, dryer sheets or bleach! Do not wash with cotton items.
Important: Some scratches are deeper than they look & will not improve much. Spot repeat applications will sometimes lift a tough scratch, or minimize it. This product is not designed to remove every finish blemish & scratch, nor is it recommended on chips, dings, cracks, cuts, or badly worn/damaged finishes. Polishing a cracked, badly worn, or dated finish will have unknown results so use at your own risk. Excessive perpetual use in same spot and/or trying to remove a deep scratch can thin a finish. Use care and common sense to not misuse/over-use product. Almost all users should see results within a few minutes of use. If you need to rub a same small spot repeatedly more than 5-10 minutes total (especially with blue blend) the blemish may be beyond what product is designed for. Stop and contact us for advice. 
It is not advised: that any polish be used on extremely high-value collector's items, these instruments are better left untouched and original. We are not responsible for damage or failure to follow instructions. Do not wear rings when polishing-can damage guitar! Power tools not recommended. Unusual guitar or situation? Contact us!
Flawed Guitar finishes:  Be sure finish is not cracked, deteriorating, thinning, or porous before use. Not for deep scratches. Some nitrocellulose & older finishes can deteriorate with age, or become porous, & should not be treated with any polish. This is quite rare. Polishing these finishes may cloud or cause untold results. With new nitro guitar finishes be sure finish has cured before polishing.
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry environment out of direct sun, w/instructions. Product guaranteed fresh for one year; many users will experience much longer shelf life. If stored/not in use you may squeeze excess air out of bottles to prolong and prevent dry-out. Do not use if dried out. Keep from freezing. If frozen, thaw to room temperature.
Questions or comments? See retailer, or below website and FAQ page.
CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from eyes & face. If contact with eyes--flush with water thoroughly. Do not swallow or ingest: call physician or Poison Control Center immediately. 
Polishes made and bottled in USA; towels made in Asia
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