The last guitar polish you'll ever need.


Discover for yourself the power of a true guitar polish, & remove scratches like never before.
        Guitar polish kit              The Player's Kit - Featured Demo Video                             The Player's Kit - Featured Demo Video                               "Your product got rid of all the scratches on my 
  black Les Paul...!  After trying all sorts of products 
that did nothing, your scratch remover did the job..." 
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Find out why musicians world-wide are switching to the Player's Kit

We are thrilled to offer a scientifically designed guitar polish scratch remover for your acoustic and electric guitars. Not just a scratch remover, it's a complete polishing system, too.
Not worried about scratches? No problem, our products do a great job of simple polishing & cleaning as well. Check out some photos and videos on our Video page for more details, and read our real customer testimonials

Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

We are thrilled to offer a scientifically designed guitar polish scratch remover

  • Restore your guitar finish like a pro
  • Benefit from years of research, trial, and success!
  • Not a filler, cover-up, or temporary fix 
  • Guitar polish that is safe for your finish, even repeated use
  • Finish winds up looking CLEANER, BETTER, NEWER! 
  • Real scratch removal that will not harm your finish, an entirely new way to polish
  • For glossy & high-gloss finishes only 

What once required sanding & refinishing now possible in a consumer polish?

People have asked, "Does this stuff really work?" The answer is "YES!" This product works to remove scratches on your high gloss (gloss) guitar finish. In fact it works so well, that getting these results USED TO require fine sanding, re-sanding, buffing, and possible refinishing.  It also removes other surface blemishes bringing your finish back to life, including guitar pick scratches, scuffs, swirl marks, sticker residue, ink, marker, perspiration burn, etc. See our FAQ page for more information. This product comes with a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied!

Get ready for an entirely new concept in guitar polish.

How can this product remove guitar scratches and not make new ones, and be better than any other polish out there? It's simply newer technology, the quality of the ingredients, manufacturing process, and particle size. While the guitar polish is working on scratches and clarifying finish blemishes, its actually IMPROVING your finish, not harming it. 

Our customers' top pick and reviewer's choice is the Player's Kit guitar polish set, which comes with multiple blends and a large micro-fiber polish towel.  (Deluxe larger kits also available)

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