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Testimonials (continued)


"I have no idea what the secret ingredient is in this but am I ever amazed. I bought a jar of it and it took out some scratches on my guitars that I'd swear would never come out. Some of the deeper ones I had to go over a few times but PRESTO !! they are gone. I've tried just about everything on the market I could find but this has them all beat hands down. I don't usually plug a product but was so impressed I thought I'd mention it." 

 Martin Guitar Forum Blog            Barry B.   B.C., Canada  


 "okay man, I got my stuff on Friday and let me tell you, ITS AWESOME, it did everything that Brand-X (name hidden) didn't, it even took off the scratches on the headstock from string changes, amazing stuff, everyone should get some..."   Click below for full blog

 My Les Paul Forum                      Huey         U.S.A                  

"Hallelujah!!! It worked!!! After zero success with BrandX and Vxxxxx (brands hidden, click below for full story) Cleaner & Polish on the micro-fine scratches, I didn't get my hopes up. All of the scratches and swirls on my black LPC are now GONE. It only took 2 applications.  I may have been the first member here to use and review Guitarscratchremover. I use it on my black Custom and love it. Black is the ultimate test for a scratch remover. It even removes pick scratches on my mirror pickguard. Their micro-fiber towels are the best I've ever used..." (full review below from My Les Paul Forum)

 Blog at My Les Paul Forum         ehamady6      Battle Creek, MI   USA 

Bought a new Gibson J-45 Standard at a guitar show yesterday. It was out of the box and available for playing, and it looked pretty pristine - no visible scratches. The salesperson said it didn't look like there were any belt buckle marks, and I didn't notice any, either.

After getting home and playing it awhile, I realized that I had not moved my belt buckle, and when I looked at the back, I saw a few scratches. "Oh, no!" I thought. Maybe they were there when I bought it, but the fact was that they were there now.
I got on your FAQ page and read that my Guitar Scratch Remover was safe for the Gibson Nitrocellulose finish
...and after a few rubs and polishes, the scratches were gone! I didn't even have to use the Blue.

GSR had totally removed a ding in my Fender Dreadnought (the reason for which I had ordered your product), and I'm glad it was able to save my new Gibson as well.

You guys are the best!

Eric W.             Highland, Texas         October 2014

Hello friends,

I Bought your product to eliminate some hairline scratches in my R. Sanchis Carpio 1A classical.
I did respond to a few e-mails regarding that
amazing scratch elimination but today I went a bit further.
 My 1966 C. F. Martin OO28 hadn't seen polish in forty years - i merely buffed her with "breath" and the softest ancient t-shirt known to
me.  Today (avoided crazing that invisible in this photo), I polished her back with about 3/8 of an inch of your Red compound...   I then delicately did her sides and couldn't believe how brilliant her waist became as well as both bouts.
Bravo for a superb product along with the caution presented about my fine "Sanchis" - the Martin has a nitrocellulose finish - 1966. ('66)
You folks don't need testimonials but if you wish, I'd be happy to offer one!

T. Ford               Arizona, USA           July 2014 


"This is a miracle product!! Plain and simple. It was easy to use with instant results. I have thrown (guitar) bodies away in the past that were too scratched but stumbled upon you guys and am blown away!!!!!! Thank you so much for your product."

Mike Fernald MJF Luthiers, Australia November 2013

"Your product is amazing !!!! I typically dig beat up looking guitars, but I have to admit that I was pretty bummed about the 3 inch long white paint scratch across the front of my new cherry red ES-339. I was pretty certain I was going to have to deal with it. I found your product, bought it on a whim (skeptically), and with one application of the #2 polish it was gone ! Love your polish !!! Hands down... the best !!"

Jeremy R.          Kansas, USA           August 2013

"I ordered a player's kit last week and tried in on my Ramirez 2NE to remove some shallow fingernail scratches. It worked very well, and was worth every penny! Thanks for making such a great product. NO MORE SCRATCHES...YAY!"

Joe H.             Oklahoma, USA           July 2012


"What a great product! I just used it on my Fender Eric Johnson with thin skin nitro finish. I was very much concerned and absolutely didn't want to overdo it because of the sensitive nitro finish, but after two rounds of carefully applying #2, the scratches have disappeared and it looks like new!!!!

Thank you so much!!"

Stephan             Germany                     April 2012


"I do not know what is the scratch remover, but all I can say - best $25 I have spent in a long time.  Scratches look much better (some were pretty deep, but even they look better). Neck is 100% better.  Really an excellent product you are selling. Thank you!" 

Eric T.         Washington, USA          Fall 2011

"I was a Doubting Thomas until I used your product on June 14th (2012) on two "previously enjoyed" guitars that I bought recently.

The Guild Bluesbird had lots of hairline spider web buckle rash (I mean LOTS) and a few 2-3 inch long and deeper scratches that are not through the finish. The used Gibson ES-339 that I bought two weeks ago had a fairly deep eight inch finish scratch on the back which was very evident, the kind you can feel when you slide a finger nail across it! Your Scratch Remover eliminated the spider web scratches and minimized the longer and deeper scratches on the Bluesbird and the one main scratch on the ES-339 has completely disappeared.... To be honest, I had to use several applications and also some elbow grease on some scratches but those guitars now shine like a mirror and are looking almost new. An amazing product which can be trusted and which I would recommend!"

Thanks again,
Denis Moreau
Ottawa, Ontario

OUR COMMENT: Thanks for the detailed review, Denis, we greatly appreciate it!




Ray St John
I bought this 3 years ago and is the best cleaner/remover ever. I see on your site you updated the players kit!!! Ill get it when I can
Like · · May 6 at 10:21am

Richard G. Varela
This past Monday I pickup a used Ibanez EW30EBE for a good price. Since it is used it had a lot of pick scratches and some other scratches here and there. Well after cleaning up the guitar I pulled out my jar of Guitar Scratch Remover and presto the pick scratches are gone and so are the others. I love this stuff!!!
Like · · 19 hours ago
Guitar Scratch Remover .com Richard, that's great news! Thanks for posting.
Apr 28 · Like

Rick Fass
It's the best, period!
Like · · April 7 at 11:49am near Bradenton, FL
Guitar Scratch Remover .com Rick, thanks!...appreciate the post.
April 9 at 8:08pm · Like

T-Bone Terrier
Just used the Player's Kit for the first time. Very happy with the results. Thanks for a great product!
Like · · March 31 at 2:54pm
Guitar Scratch Remover .com Thanks, T-Bone! We appreciate it.


Kaye Hojilla Atienza
Sorry, super late review.
I'm completely blown away by the results, Guitar Scratch Remover .com
it got rid of all the scratches on my handmade classical guitar. Impressive. I'll be spreading the word.:)
Like · · March 24 at 7:42am

Chris White
Just used their product for the first time and I am AMAZED!!! It make my 20 year old Jackson Dinky look like showroom new....NO JOKE!! I am recommending this to every player I know because you won't believe the results! Thanks for a great product!!
Like · · February 7 at 10:36am

  Above reviews from FACEBOOK

"Just bought a Gibson Les Paul with the nitrocellulose lacquer finish. My son scratched the back of the guitar and tried to remove the scratch with automotive polish. Theres about a 4"x4" spot on the back that looks like the lacquer is just gone! Hard to say if its melted or what but it looks terrible. Trying this. Thanks"

Jeff H                              Florida                                     Mar 2012



Thanks for your order. Can you tell me the name of the polish you used
that damaged the finish? Jason (OUR COMMENT)

"It was xxxxx (name hidden) scratch remover for cars. Comes in a tube. Looks like tooth paste. Google it and tell me how bad it is for guitars. I also can send pic of the spot on guitar. Hope your stuff works. Thanks"


"It worked. Thanks for a great product."

OUR COMMENT: update - we prefer to not print competitors' product names on the website that did not work or damaged finishes. If anyone has questions please email us directly. Thanks!

"All I can say is wow! What a stellar product! I'm amazed at how well the polish takes out scratches. Keep up the great work! I will be recommending this polish to ALL my musician buddies!

Thanks again!"
David F                                  Glen Rose Texas                            Mar 2012

"I received the kit today and I have to tell you it was worth the wait. I had used Brand X (name hidden) auto polish on the top of my 1980 Les Paul and it dulled the finish. I tried several other guitar polishes to correct my mistake but nothing was working. I really wasn't trying to remove any scratches but rather restore the luster to the area that was dull and hazy from the Brand X. Your product did the job. I'll never use auto products on my instrument again. 
Thanks so much."


(Our Comment)
Hi Walter,
Really glad we could help & thank you for sending this.

Would you mind if we used some or all of your message below on our website the next time we update the customer comment area?
There are still people out there that make the mistake of using car products on their guitars, or worse yet assume our product is no different or think it's simply repackaged car polish.
With your permission we could post your comment, and if you like we can hide your email and last name.

Let me know, & thank you.


To: wcmallett@comcast.net
Sent: Saturday, March 3, 2012 10:57:09 PM
Subject: Re: Guitar Scratch Remover Inquiry
"Hi Jason,

You are welcome to use my comments, name and email. I will also be telling all my band mates and guitar playing friends about this great product."

Thanks again.
Walter Mallett                                                                                                                                March 2012

"Hi Jason,

I've received my order last week, and I've used it on my 1993 Gibson Les Paul Standard over the weekend.

Just wanna say that your product is totally amazing!

I haven't been playing for more than 10 years and my Les Paul was in a really bad shape. Your product succesfully took out all perspiration burns on the top, and made the finish checking on the neck much less noticeable. Scratches and swirl mark also disappeared, well most of them anyway. I think I need a couple more application to completely remove them all.

I've just put an order for another kit this morning..."

Adityo K                               NSW, Australia               Feb 2012



"Bought (your) product recently. Simply amazing. How can I post a comment on your website? Never again will it worry me to buy a guitar sight unseen from a reputable dealer such as xxxxx (store name hidden). Sometimes even a new product can have some handling marks. I returned one recently and if I had the GuitarscratchRemover, I would not have had to."


Tracy Goldstein        N. Carolina, USA                  Summer 2011


"Jason,  All I have to say is....it worked!  I was one of these people who tried Brand-X (name hidden) and some car polish to get out this annoying blemish, but neither did the trick.  After 2 applications of the blue and one of the red, no one would know it was ever there.
Thanks for the great product.  I will be spreading the word."     (purchased Player's Kit)

Dave McCarthy                   Washington, USA          Fall 2010 


"Just in case you guys add testimonials to your site here is mine.....

I just got my polish in the mail today......I immediately opened it and used it on my Taylor 616ce.  When I bought the guitar it had some minor scratches that looked like they were the result of a cotton cloth being used to "clean" the top.  Also, since it is a honey burst guitar it didn't come with a pick guard so I had put some nice pick marks on it as well.
The polish took both the pick scratches, and the cloth scratches right off.  The pick scratches were completely gone after two applications.  The cloth scratches took about 4 applications, but now the guitar is better than new again.
This stuff is simply amazing.  I had my doubts, but they are gone.  Can't wait to try it on my other guitar that has a bit more scratches."


Benjamin E.    San Antonio, TX,  USA         Summer 2010                 


"Hey, Great product. It cleaned up the scratches left by Novxx. It also works great for surface scratches. I'm stunned. Thanks so much!"


Follow-up email:

"Feel free to quote me on your website..."

Thanks, A.                                                      

Andrew Clark  Massachusetts, USA      Spring 2010


"Hi Jason, Just to let you know, I received my guitar scratch remover set this morning and I have tried it out- its awesome! Very happy with the results! A few scratches had appeared on the back of my new black Epiphone Les Paul (despite me being very careful with it...I had no idea scratches showed up so easily on black!) but after 3 or 4 spot applications on the most stubborn scratches and a final polish, it looks brand new again. What a fantastic product you have on your hands, it's pure gold! 

Thanks so much, Nick."      

                                                                                                                Nick B. Staffordshire, UK    Winter 2010

"Unbelievable product!! I still can't get over how well this                    Ebay User "Cottn-candy"    Winter-Dec.  2009 works!!"                                                                                                                         


"I've used this on 6 guitars. It works. A big improvement in the finish. Nice!!!"    Brien L., USA    Fall 2009


"This stuff.....MUST........buy...................AMAZING product..........!!"                     Jong P.    NC, USA   Summer 2009



                                                                                                                       Mark M.   Wisconsin, USA     Spring 2009


"Great Product, Finish Looks Fantastic, Just Ordered a Second Jar For a Friend !"

                                                                                                                       James S. Kentucky, USA       Spring 2009


"I hesitantly ordered and was skeptical when I first used it, but after I used it I was able to  see my reflection in my bass something that I had not seen since I purchased it years ago. The scratches that were making me consider getting it refinished, packed up and left.  My bass looks brand new thanks to your stuff.  I gave away the polishes and cleaners I had and don't plan on using anything else but the stuff I got in the Player's Kit.  I am almost hesitant to play it now it looks so good..."                                                                                                            

Rob H.      Pennsylvania, USA      Spring 2009


"Excellent product every guitar player should try this polish at least once..."                                                                                                                                         

Kevin J.       Oklahoma, USA     Spring 2009

"Awesome product took ALL my scratches away, even the deep ones, Awesome!"  

Follow-up 2/18/09: "Yeah sure you can use it. I just sold a guitar that had tons of
scratches but with the scratch remover I removed ALL of them it
was amazing! I originally bought the guitar for $400 and sold it for
$750. Great stuff! By the way my name is Mike. Thanks!"                       

Mike H.     Idaho, USA            Winter 2009


"I am a collector, and your polish is the best I've ever used with results. You should see what it did for my ORIGINAL 59 Gibson Les Paul valued and appraised at $268,000 since I used your polish on it I'm sure it will increase the value! It brought up the finish and has never looked as good as it does now! I will tell all my brothers and friends, fellow rockers about your awesome product! Sincerely a customer for life! Jeff R. "

                                                                  Jeff R.      New Jersey, USA            Fall 2008  

Our comment added here-we were a little skeptical on putting this review up due to the high value of the guitar that people might not believe this was a real customer review. Just to confirm, this review is real and we have not changed any information. We did some research & found that some original '59 Les Paul guitars are worth $400,000 to $500,000 and rising. There were only about 1600 made but is estimated that only about 600 are known to still be in existence today. The 1000 unaccounted for, were either destroyed or just no longer exist or there may be a few hiding in people's attics or who knows where else! Which explains the incredibly high value.

IMPORTANT NOTE on collector's instruments worth thousands of dollars: we actually don't recommend using any polishes or trying to improve the appearance without getting professional appraiser advice. Often the original state of a rare instrument can increase value so please consult a professional appraiser first. And thanks to Jeff R., for the awesome review. GSR Staff



"I ordered the product with some skepticism which I’m pleased to say turned out to be unfounded. All too often we hear of wonder products that fail to live up to expectations – not so in this case. My new Godin Freeway that had some demo usage pick marks, and some fine surface scratches in the lacquer coat. The sort of thing that looks bad in the wrong sort of lighting. Use of a microfibre cloth for application and final polish off is recommended. Some elbow grease may also be needed, as you learn what works on your finish. Admittedly it took a few applications, but there is still plenty left, and eventually the marks diminished to the point where they are really hard to see. Highly recommended. Thanks again, for helping make my guitar beautiful once more!" Kind regards, Dave Rogers

Dave Rogers Cheshire, Britain Summer 2008

"Product certainly exceeded my expectations...wow, it really did do the job well!"

Thomas F. Michigan, USA Summer 2008

"Just few words to thanks you for that very good product. It works very well on my sunburst Gibson L-OO. Great value"

Claude B. Quebec, Canada Summer 2008

"Arrived super fast, a must have for my guitars..."

Barry W. Victoria, Australia June 2008

"Does the job, recommended...."

Alfonso L. Madrid, Spain May 2008

"Fantastic product and service!... My SG thanks you!"

Peter A. Sydney, Australia April 2008

"I purchased your scratch remover for my 76 (Martin) D28 last fall. It worked great. It totally removed the sweat haze that I had tried everything to clean it. I thought the finish was ruined, but to mine and everyone else’s your scratch remover fixed it."

Jeanine T. Iowa, USA April 2008

"Removed the buckle rash on my Les Paul. Just like that! Thank you!" (we don't advertise that the product removes belt buckle damage but some people have had results in this area--our comment added)

Patrick C. New York, USA March 2008

"This stuff works great. Took all the fine scratches out of my Martin. Thanks."

Steve W. California, USA March 2008

"I play a Gibson Les Paul Ultima, the product works - had loads of marks, 90% gone"

Subraj M. United Kingdom March 2008

"The finish checking on my old Martin D-35 seems to be less noticeable. That's good!

Richard S. California, USA March 2008

Ebay comments:

"The only product that worked! AAA"

"Nice stuff and fast shipping. Thanks."

"I was very skeptical about this product but I must admit it really works..."

"Great item... received quickly to UK from US and does what it says on the label"

"Fine product, efficient dispatch, many thanks!"

"Really worked wonders on my old '67 D-28"

"Quick delivery, exactly as advertised. Thanks!"

"Thanks, quick delivery, good communication, this works well. I recommend A+"

"This stuff really works! Used it on a Guild F65 and it now looks flawless. A++++"

"Thank you this stuff is amazing!!"

"Good communication. Product worked great... Thank you."

"Great Product! (You gotta try this!) Great communications... Thanks!"

"Brilliant! Product as stated. Brought all my guitars back to life. Buy!!!"


And the emails keep coming daily...will your success story be next?